Fabric Stash Challenge 2017

“It could be worse,” is a phrase I say to myself quite often when faced with a difficult situation. It’s also what I use to continue to delude myself into thinking that the amount of fabric and sewing patterns I have on hand at any given moment is reasonable. That I store my fabric in the trunk of my car because I have nowhere else to put it is a problem. I bought a small house with a finite amount of storage space so for the time being and for psychological health reasons I need to either use it or get rid of it. Now that I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe I need to clean out my design closet. Closets. And room. And trunk. So I’m challenging myself and I’m challenging you dear reader to do the same if you have this problem and are willing to admit to yourself you need to do something about it. I’m giving it to the end of the year. Whatever pattern or fabric I currently have in my possession that I have not used in the next six months will be donated to the nearest school, charity, crafter, etc. who can use it. There aren’t a whole lot of rules but here’s what I’m working with so far just to keep myself in check:

  1. No new fabric unless needed to complete a project. (I’m allowed to buy for the house, and I’m allowed swatches and notions)
  2. No new tools (unless it breaks or is lost I don’t need another ruler, machine, or gadget)
  3. Share every project you make on the blog so you’ll be held accountable.

Whether I work through it all or not is inconsequential because the challenge will be over once I’m rid of everything. I don’t want to give away stuff I really like but if I can’t find the time to work with it there is no point in me keeping it as a “someday I might” project. I’ve had some cuts and patterns for over ten years. That is obscene. Once the challenge is over I’ll only buy for whatever I’m currently working on. I have no need for a stash. It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever especially not taking up precious room in my Hyundai. I don’t have a working alteration studio or atelier and I don’t need to live like I do.

Let me know if you too have a fabric stash problem in the comments and/or what you did to get your collection under control in the comments. I can always use the tips.

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