My Style: Small Handbags Are Everything


This Apt 9 cell phone wallet has been through some things…

About five years ago I stopped carrying handbags opting instead for small wallets I could fit into my pocket. This habit came from my time spent in law enforcement where carrying a big purse just didn’t make sense. I liked having my hands free and not worrying about keeping track of all that stuff that I usually didn’t even have a need for. Even though the concept of wearing small purses is not new it was a change from how I normally operated. I used to carry everything I thought I might need in an oversized handbag that could double as a small piece luggage. I happened upon a little private label beauty three years ago. It’s amusing how something as simple as a handbag illustrates so well the fundamental change in perspective I have in general about things in life: less is more and make do with the essentials. The Apt 9 cell phone wallet attracted so many compliments but now it’s nearing retirement. I’d love to replace it with the same but in the world of fast fashion that just doesn’t happen.  I always wished it had room for a lipstick or lip balm without becoming bulky and a better compartment for storing cash. I found one that would be perfect:

 Henri Bendel Uptown Out and About Wallet, $198 Henri Bendel Uptown Out and About Wallet, $198

But I don’t have a grip to spend on purses right now even if I do wear them until they fall apart. The upside is this bag is a signature of Henri Bendel and it’s released each season in new colors and materials so maybe in the future it will be in the cards for me. I think I could create something similar myself but don’t know when I’d find the time to test and sew up the design. As for now I’ll be using the existing small bags I have in my collection. Carrying a smaller bag as taught me to simply make do for the everyday. Has a piece of clothing or an accessory ever changed the way you approach life? I know I can’t be the only one!

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