Wig Review: Zury Miss Puffy

I’ve been wearing my hair in protective styles as part of my hair rehab since June. Before I started doing this one of my go to favorite hairstyles was a high afro puff. I loved the look and the ease it gave me getting ready in the morning, but unfortunately leaving my hair out even in such a seemingly harmless style was doing some damage. After a series of wigs and braids I thought that maybe I could go back to my puff but instead with a hair piece. In steps Zury’s Miss Puffy in size “big”. I drove down to my local beauty supply and purchased the last one they had in the closest shade to my own which was 1b. Because it was a display unit I got it at a discount and only paid $8.99 plus tax. It’s such an easy hair piece to wear and boy does it give quite an impression.

The Stats

  • Color: 1B
  • Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Texture: Smooth but with realistic shine
  • Style/Curl Pattern: Tight defined coily afro
  • Construction: Drawstring with two combs one in front and one in back in elasticized lace cap; 21 sewn wefts with a fiber sewn around the perimeter of the cap
  • MSRP: $17.99, but found at various retailers for at least half that price
  • Wear: After wearing it for two weeks straight there was no shedding or fall in the curls. I opted to stop using the combs as I found them irritating; this is simply personal preference, but I found that it felt reasonably secure with just the drawstring though I added a few bobby pins on the sides for good measure. The care card recommends washing it in cold water with a mild shampoo and allowing it to air dry without brushing. It is not designed for use with heat tools. Made in Bangladesh.

Final Impression: I adore this hair piece and plan to purchase it in the 1B color eventually making this one my back up. It also comes in a smaller size and I may get that too just for options. It’s easy to use, wears well, and fulfills all I could need in an afro puff.

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