Hair Rehab: Check In September 2017

I did not set myself up for success for this check in. These photos were taken a week after I straightened and trimmed my hair, three days after I took a nice long soak in a very hot bath, and a day of wearing it up in a bun. So my hair is slightly frizzy and bumped but it’s gonna have to do for the purposes of seeing what we’re working with.

All month long I’ve been wearing my hair up in either twists or a bun under my Zury Miss Puffy hair piece. Before that I wore my hair in jumbo braids, cornrows, or simple twists. Overall I’m pleased with the condition of my hair, but I am concerned that I keep getting single strand knots – granted though I wear my hair stretched it’s still curly so still prone to tangling. Despite my use of twists to keep it easy to care for they aren’t exactly a recipe to prevent those single strand knots. All I know to do at this point is to keep the ends moisturized as best I can and keep a constant check for foolishness there.

Another point of concern is this thin area you see circled in red above. This was not here a few months ago, but sadly I don’t have photos to show you. I’ve already trimmed about an inch by the time this picture was taken and I cut off another half inch or so after I saw the pictures. I’m hesitant to cut more off because I don’t see any further signs of damage or wear. My next check in won’t be until November so I’ll do my best to make sure the braiding I do for my next style will take this into account so as not to exacerbate the problem.

I must admit I was genuinely shocked with how short my hair looks to me in these photos. It doesn’t feel like it’s this short regardless of the frizz and slight curl. When I pull my hair down perfectly straight with my fingers it brushes past the four mark. That doesn’t really matter though does it because who goes around holding their hair down behind their back? So I think I have some kind of follicular dysmorphic disorder. Longer length isn’t the most important thing, but it’s definitely something I want to achieve. I can say that after seeing these pictures I wouldn’t be proud to walk around with my hair down like this. It’s not bad but it ain’t great either. Certainly not the look I’m going for that’s for sure. Yet, I’ve come a very, very long way from the straw that I use to call hair that would cling for dear life as it hovered around chin length seven years ago. Despite my thyroid problems and overcoming hair loss and drop in strand quality over the years I could be doing a lot worse. So consider my attitude thoroughly checked.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any tips for dealing with single strand knots because I can definitely use the help.

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