Hair Rehab: Check In November 2017

I’m supremely shocked by what a difference one inch makes… Ahem. Anyhoo. I’ve been here before. My hair was just about this length nearly two years ago when it started falling out. Thank you thyroid and ovaries. It never looked this good though. The big differences between now and then is that I know better how to combat the symptoms of when my body is about to screw me over. I also learned I had some vitamin deficiencies that I now manage well through the addition of supplements; and I got myself actually trimming my hair on a routine basis so that I could better keep what I do have. Y’all it has been a struggle but seeing my progress like this brings figurative tears to my eyes. I’m also unreasonably paranoid that I’ll lose it all again. I probably won’t but who knows? I don’t have the secret formula for hair retention and I certainly can’t will my body to do right by me. Harpo.

Hormonal fluctuations be damned! I’m setting a goal right here, right now. I want to get to that five line by the end of January with my ends doing like they are now or better. I’m claiming it. Well, I’m trying to claim it…I’m optimistic. How about that?

Let’s compare where I was last check in with now:

I’d say this is a success.



That section in the back I was concerned about in September (see above ) I’m less concerned about. As I had suspected but couldn’t confirm, I think shrinkage and uneven length played the biggest role in it looking like it did. A good trim, about a half inch overall, helped things along. After I took these photos I did a light dusting to trim. My ends aren’t smooth and straight like they were when I first flat ironed the night before, but they feel fine. Normally, if I need to trim, my ends feel rough and catch on things. I think come January/February I’ll still be able to get away with dusting but it’s too soon to tell. Once again I was dealing more with single strand knots than splits. Those little fuckers just will not go away and a protective style ain’t doing a damn thing to stop them. No one seems to have any solutions. So I guess I’ll just have to suffer.

Now, with my goal of getting to the five line set and these pictures as my motivation I’m on the hunt for a new wig to help keep me focused. Why? I couldn’t even tell you why because I love what I’ve been wearing lately. I suppose it’s the wearing of the wig, the whole ceremony of it, that I’m bored with. But it’s so fast. So so fast to get ready in the morning that I’ll get over this momentary listlessness soon enough. I think something new to play with will ameliorate the monotony. For the next three weeks I’ll leave my hair straight and wear it under my wig in a flat bun. Maybe by then I’ll have picked out something new to keep my interest until the next check in.

a note

The lighting causes my hair to appear different colors in the comparison photos. I can assure you it is and always has been that dusty dead mouse brown color like you see in the photos for the November 2017 check in. Also, I didn’t record the focal length measurements from my lens so the cropping is a bit off between the two check ins but I’m sure you can tell the changes despite this. I usually take these photos when I’m half dead from exhaustion (could you tell?) since there is no other ideal time to do them so I promise no consistencies other than my blue shirt. You’re welcome.


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