We Wear The Mask

I know Laurence Dunbar didn’t intend for me to take that so literally, but what am I supposed to do when one of my besties brings me fifteen sheet masks for Christmas? These are from her latest trip to NYC (video) and while in K-town she stopped at the Face Shop and royally hooked me up. There are so many different kinds I don’t even know what to do. Though I haven’t tried this brand before I’ve been drinking the sheet mask kool aid for about five years now. Thank the universe for the Korean Wave because now sheet masks are everywhere and I hope they’ll be here to stay. These are the “flavors” I now get to play in:

aloe, avocado, blueberry, cucumber, green tea, honey, kelp, lemon, mung bean, olive, pomegranate, red ginseng, rice, shea butter, tea tree
(the below images don’t link to anything, but now you can feel overwhelmed like I did when I opened the package and know what they look like if you go on the hunt for them)


    • trulyclaire

      So far so good! The kelp one was very calming and my skin felt so much better afterwards. I used it after I did a bunch of extractions and after I peeled it off it was like nothing abusive or brutal had just happened to my face. I’m really excited to try the others.

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