Happier Underarms: A Beauty Routine

It may seem strange to some that I have a whole beauty routine solely for the skin on my underarms, but those who know what it’s like to have aggravated, irritated, mean looking underarms that get splotchy, red, or hyperpigmented will understand where I’m coming from. Over the years I’ve developed a routine that keeps my sensitive skin happy and as calm as possible. Calm skin means the hyperpigmentation stays at bay and I no longer have to deal with cuts and nicks from shaving. Setting up the routine had an initial high cost compared to a typical shaving routine but it’s paid for itself overtime and is well worth it. I have more even toned and softer skin and I don’t have to worry about drying shaving creams or nicks from razors ever again.

Never in my life would I ever have thought I’d post a picture of my underarms in a public space. They aren’t completely even in tone and may never be due to hormonal fluctuations, but it makes me wish all the more you could see what they looked like before. It was The Darkness and now they’ve earned the award for Most Improved. This shot was taken right after epilation.

1. Hair Removal

I follow the manufacturer’s instructions here, but generally going slow and taking your time is the main thing. When I first used it the experience was very painful and I found myself doing Lamaze just to get through, but that’s not unusual for hair removal techniques that remove hair from the root. Over time the pain diminishes and it’s much more pleasant when doing touch ups as there’s less hair to pluck so fewer nerves sending pain signals to your brain. I use tweezers to take care of anything the epilator may have missed I can normally go about two weeks before needing a touch up. Removing hair in this way is better and easier for me than any other method I’ve tried including waxing. I’ve had my epilator for seven years and it’s been such a reliable little device. My particular model is the Braun Silk-epil X’Elle 5270. It has been discontinued and what you see below is my exact model, however the updated model is called Braun Silk-epil 5 Power 5280.


2. Exfoliate

My underarms like the skin all over my body are prone to dryness and can get flaky from time to time. To take care of that I use a very gentle manual/chemical combination exfoliant by way of Boscia’s Exfoliating Peel Gel. It beads up on itself to help manually take care of flakes and dry skin and also uses plant extracts for a chemical exfoliation. An added bonus is that it has turmeric which helps brighten and even tone. It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin in any way but your mileage may vary so do a spot test first if you opt to try this step.



3. Treat and Block Perspiration

I swear by Dermadoctor’s Total Nonscents line of antiperspirants. They are not inexpensive products costing an average of $25, but they are the most gentle and effective antiperspirants I’ve ever used. Truly deserving of their own post they don’t leave residue on skin or clothes, they dry clear, and the brightening formula actually helps even skin tone over time. It took a year to see highly noticeable results and I wish I had taken before photos but I didn’t believe at the time it’d work for me. I was happy with the fact I could use it right after shaving or epilation and there was no burning whatsoever. Nada. I alternate between the two based on what my budget’s doing. For my needs I find I only purchase this every eight months or so and that’s with applying twice a day.

4. Moisturize

I use my body cream on my underarms to finish everything up. It helps keep my skin protected. I find antiperspirant, no matter how gentle, can be a little drying so this really helps to keep that at bay. Eucerin’s Advanced Repair is perfect. It’s not sticky and it’s fragrance free so no irritation from that, plus it contains urea which helps moisturize and exfoliate.



You don’t have to remove your hair to benefit from this routine. Hair removal is something I choose to do and quite frankly I don’t always get around to doing it every two weeks. The game changer for me was using the epilator and the Total Nonscents together. I shaved for a while while using Total Nonscents. Though it helped my skin was still so irritated from the razor blades. Waxing was time consuming and I could never get to a place where it was truly a neat process. I even tried sugaring but again; time consuming. I really don’t know what I’ll do if Dermadoctor ever discontinues the formula because nothing I’ve found in the drugstores promising the same results comes even close. I find them all irritating and I’ve broken out in red patches when I tried switching to them to save money. In the end I went back to my tried and true and won’t ever leave again.

Do you have any tips or techniques that can helps those of us seeking happier underarms? Leave them in the comments!

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