Sewing Goals for 2018

I may come to regret this post but my ultimate hope is that sharing my plans here with you will help me stick to them. I’ve got plans that are already listed on the design studio page, but I have so many more in the pipeline that I’m beginning to wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew. I’m going through what is can be best described as a personal style metamorphosis, but the worst and probably most accurate way to describe it is as a personal style cry for help. I’ve made zero effort lately to “put myself together” and have been skating by on a hope and a dream that other folks care as little as I do about what I’m wearing. However, the change has been noticed by The People and they have started asking me if “everything is okay.” Everything is fine but I’m in a style rut and I’m gonna do my best to climb out of it and sewing some of what I need to do it is part of the plan. So here’s the plan:

1. A Work Wardrobe

I have literally been wearing the same black sweater, grey pants, and black flats, every day to work for the last three weeks. No one has really said anything directly but people have noticed. I’ve recently taken on a great deal more responsibility at my day job and the last thing I want to think about in the morning is what I’m wearing. It started out of sheer indolence but now I’ve embraced it as my uniform. However, it’s boring and won’t be really comfortable when the weather starts warming up. I’ve been planning an actual work wardrobe for a while and need to get my ass in gear to make it happen. I’ll be detailing my plans for it in a later post and will link it back here so everyone can follow along.
My Goal: dedicated all season workdrobe ready by the start of Summer 2018

2. Fabric Stash Challenge

I need to drop the year from that challenge because it does my ego no good. The most I’ve done is get my fabric out of my trunk and folded neatly in my office-studio closet. That was a chore and I’m glad I can see exactly what and how much I have yet its doing just about as much good as it did sitting in my truck. Most every project currently listed on deck in the design studio is for the Challenge. And it will be hard for me psychologically to do anything else until those projects out of the way. So I need to get to it.
My Goal: Do as many projects with stash fabric as possible anything still on hand by the end of September 2018 will be donated to charity

3. Sew More With Tricky Materials

I say tricky but they are tricky because I don’t work with them much: faux leather and fur. I have an old faux leather jacket on standby that I want to rework into something and I have some ideas for faux leather pieces that I’d like to have but can’t afford to buy off the rack. So why not make them? Faux fur I’ve worked with before but it has been a long long time. I’m hoping my machine will be able to handle everything I’ll be throwing at it.
My Goal: Revamp that faux leather jacket into something and complete 4-5 projects with these tricky materials. Bonus points if I use them together in one project.

4. Gowns For Every Occasion

My birthday gown got cancelled but I plan to make it anyway because I want it and I like having pretty dresses. I don’t have many evening clothes and I don’t care how irrational it is that I don’t attend many formal events I want formal clothes. Just something about them. I figure life is short and I should dress up to the extreme when I feel good and ready so not only am I making my bday gown but I want to make others to have on hand just in case. I don’t want to tell all my plans but I’ll be designing and making them as part of a larger project I’ll share later.
My Goal: Make bday gown and at minimum three other special occasion dresses/ensembles by the end of the year.

This goal list is pretty general and for good reason. I barely know what next week looks like let alone the rest of the year. What I do know for sure is that my sewing machine and dress form have been sitting idle for far too long and it’s about damn time I start sharing more of what I do and enjoy with the world. I guess that’s why I have a whole blog or whatever. You’ll be seeing more updates around here and it’s in hopes that it makes following along with my projects easier. I expect to start tackling this list of goals in the next two weeks so wish me luck and let me know what project you’re working on. Do you have any sewing challenges you’re tackling fabric stash or otherwise?


 Image | Clem Onojeghuo

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