PIH Showdown: Week 2

UPDATE 03-22-18: Challenge Suspended

I had to suspend this showdown until my symptoms clear up. Click the link above to find out more

This has been a very busy two weeks for me and technically these photos are two weeks and 5 days since the last photos. My apologies. At this point though any improvement will have been gradual especially since I’m running short on one of my main helpers in this fight: niacinamide serum. I didn’t realize I was so low so to save as much as I could before I could order more I’ve been using it only once every other day. Let’s take a look at what my skin is doing:

I have a little bit of new pimple activity that begun this past week, but overall my breakouts are pretty much under control now. Overall the tone is starting to even, especially the darker patches at my cheek bones; and the darker spots are beginning to fade but are still quite noticeable. I noticed that on the few days I’ve worn foundation that they were very easy to cover which is a sign to me that the pigment staining isn’t very deep. When it’s deep in the layers of the skin it’s harder to cover. I was using a medium coverage foundation and was excited that in a month or so I would be able to use less of it to get an overall even tone. The biggest improvement to me is on the spots on my neck. Those seem to be fading fastest.

As of now I won’t be making any changes to my routine, but have my serum on order and that will help accelerate results and take care of the rest of the pimples I’m getting. Over the next two weeks I think I’ll start seeing more noticeable improvement in tone and texture.

Read the full week one post and all the products I’m using in the challenge here.

a note

My camera lens is having difficulty auto focusing and may need to be replaced. The week two photos had to be sharpened a bit in Photoshop. I tried to get rid of as much of the blur as possible so that you can see that though there is some improvement it is minimal at the moment. Otherwise the results would look far more dramatic than they really are and I don’t want you to be misled.

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