Hair Rehab: Check In January 2018 ( No Length Check)

I really thought I was going to straighten my hair, whip out the length check t-shirt, and log me celebrating reaching the number 5 mark. However, I decided that my hair could use a longer break from styling and manipulation. Partly because 1.) I don’t feel like straightening it and 2.) because I really don’t feel like straightening it. That’s the beauty of being in full control of your hair care and not letting your hair care control you. Despite me foregoing straightening I still gave it a trim and from what I can tell I did reach my goal of getting to the five mark. I reached it in my mind because I haven’t even bothered to put on the length check shirt. I know, this is turning out to be quite scientific. Still, I can tell a difference in the overall appearance of my hair and that perception matters.

Normally I don’t untwist them all at once instead I twist again after moisturizing each section, but for the sake of the check in I figure you should see all of what I’m working with here.

Also I’m giving up the wigs for a month or so. I fear for my hairline. I’ve noticed some thinning there or perhaps I’ve made it up in my mind; but my paranoia is enough to put me off them for a while. For all the wig caps and oiling edges in the world sometimes the best thing to do is take a break before your hairline takes a break for you. Which is just as well since I’ve been wearing wigs regularly since mid-October and three months or so is long enough I think.

While under wig, instead of braiding, I’ve been wearing my hair in 7 to 8 two strand twists; what I affectionately refer to as celies. This was an effort to keep the stress off my hairline and scalp, my hair moisturized, and make detangling as stress free as possible. If it’s good enough for active little girls with full heads of hair then it’s good enough for me. My celies have done so right by me it’s going to be hard to convince me to change it up. I’m looking for every way imaginable to incorporate them into other styles so to start I’ll wear a faux puff  on top of my celies while I’m in between wigs these next few weeks.

Two front sections brushed out because you don’t see my natural texture here enough yet. And yes my hair is a little dirty. Wash day next weekend.

By the end of February or mid-March I suspect I’ll be eager to straighten my hair. My goal is still the number 5 mark despite my being 99.5% sure I’ve already achieved it. (I really should just go put on that damn shirt, undo one of these celies and see what the what…but later) So far my hair has been feeling good and there’s been nothing out of the ordinary as far as shedding or breakage go: normal shedding, minimal breakage.

Happy moisturized celies!

Later this month I’ll do a post on why I prefer wearing my hair in twists and stretched in general. The technique, though an old standard in black hair care, has revolutionized how I care for my hair since I started using it regularly. The post will be part of series on my overall hair care routine. After all these years I’ve finally found something that’s inexpensive, simple to do, and gets me reliable results. It would be rude of me not to share that with you.

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