Hair Rehab: Wash Day

This past Sunday was my wash day and the perfect time to show you exactly what I do and further expound on my love for my celies. One of the things that turned my hair care life onto a new path paved with the promises of fewer tangles and a quicker more thorough cleanse was washing my hair in sections. Not just any sections but two stranded twisted sections. I call them celies and they are the best things I’ve done for my hair in the last nearly two years. Period. I recommend the method to anyone who has curly/kinky hair that reaches their shoulders when stretched or straightened. This is how I do it:

1. Shampoo

I started with my hair in twists that were pretty much detangled already, but if I hadn’t I’d twist them into seven to eight sections. No need for persnickety parting just as long as the sections are as evenly distributed as possible. I lather up the cleanser in my hands before applying to the scalp. Gently massaging at my roots and squeezing the soapy water through the ends of the twists if I need to remove build up.

2. Rinse and Towel Up

Rinse until water runs clear and slap on a towel to blot off excess water. I’m using a regular terry cloth cotton towel not fazed by it being too rough on my hair because a.) it’s only blotting for just a moment and b.) the celies protect my hair from an excessive friction by concept of strength in numbers. The second photo is what it looks like after a quick wrap in the towel.

3. Unravel and Condition

Each celie is unraveled and the section finger detangled. I apply a generous amount of conditioner and avocado oil , combing through the roots to the ends if necessary. Then retwist before moving to the next section

4. Just A Little Bit More



Once all sections are twisted I add just a bit more conditioner squeezing through the length of each celie.

5. Bonnet Up and Go Under the Hood



I should graduate to a permanent less likely to choke out the planet earth cap, but here I am with my plastic cap ready to sit under my hooded dryer on high heat for 20 – 30 minutes.

6. Final Rinse, Towel, and Twist Up

I rinse with lukewarm water careful not to remove all the product. There should still be a little left behind to help all the deep conditioning I did go the distance. Then I blot again with the towel. If I have to go to bed fairly soon which is what I had to do on this particular wash day, I twist the sections together into two giant twists otherwise I let my celies air dry. If I’m in a rush I’ll go back under the hooded dryer for another fifteen minutes to knock off any excess but I rarely ever do that.

7. Tie Up

To sleep I tie up the two giant twists together (no bobby pins) and throw on a satin bonnet or turban. In the morning I unravel the twists so my hair is out in its usual seven to eight celies. I’ll let it air dry while I get ready for the day.

I usually deep condition every wash day as I only wash my hair every three to four weeks. More often I find is too drying and too much manipulation for my hair and any less…is not hygienic. If you’ve never tried this method before I obviously recommend that you do. My scalp is clean, my hair is moisturized from root to tip, and the tangles are more than manageable. I can’t imagine going back to washing my hair en masse like I used to. The idea makes me deeply uncomfortable and I really don’t want to go to that dark place right now. Try washing this way out and change your life.

A Note

I’m having some trouble getting crisp shots so we’re just not gonna make a big deal out of that and instead rejoice in the fact that I had the presence of mind to remember to take pictures during wash day because it was one of those things I forget to remember until it’s too late. And damn it if I wasn’t so tired that I could fell my bones ache.

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