Hair Rehab: Check In February 2018

In the last two weeks I became extremely antsy about checking the overall length and integrity of my hair. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and was scared because my body began to retaliate. If the eye twitch, the stress dreams, and month long menstruation weren’t enough then the massive shedding I experienced really drove the point home that I need to chill the fuck out. I’m covering the shedding and other issues I experienced in these last few weeks in a separate post because I just can’t contain my frustration and disappointment in only one. The lasts few months have been really shitty for me. All that aside I think that I did pretty well.

Let’s compare where I was last check in with now:

During this latest hair day I had noticed my ends felt a little rough and thought it wouldn’t hurt to trim what I saw as I saw it so I trimmed as I flat ironed each small section of hair.  Before these photos were taken I had already cut about a ½” off all around and my ends were feeling much better. After taking the first set of photos and reviewing them I decided there was something else I needed to do.

Trim again.



More than anything I think I need a shape up but that’s hard to do alone so with my hair split into two sections I tied bands around each one near the ends and cut the worst offending parts off. Still reviewing the images it’s hard to tell that I did anything but everything does feel and look much cleaner in person. I’m concerned that there is some thinning towards the ends near the middle and it’s the same section that was bothering me in my very first check in back in September; though it seemed to have remedied itself without my intervention. Still, I wonder if I should just cut my hair to get rid of it or wait another month or two and see what the situation is then. The shedding I had did me no favors but I think another ½” trim at the end of this month won’t hurt. Doing that will bring me back to where I am now but hopefully poised for a better outcome at my next check in at the end-of-April/beginning-of-May. I made it to the five mark which was my goal. Even though I had to do more of a trim than I hoped for, comparing November to now, I’m a full four and a little past! That itself is progress! Which is why I’m not let down by this check-in. The little gains are just as important as the big ones because both move me toward my goal. Plus, without me doing this now the situation could have become much worse down the line. Before and after the trim:

I’ll be adding in a protein treatment during my usual wash days which are about every three weeks. I’m not sure how hard core I need to go with it, but a light to medium treatment should be good enough. I think I still have some Aphogee products (designed specifically for strengthening weak hair) on hand around here somewhere. My goal for the next check-in? I’m gunning to be nice and full at the five line and have a hold on the excessive shedding. I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it but I’m optimistic!

a note

The lighting causes my hair to appear different colors in the comparison photos. I can assure you it is and always has been that dusty dead mouse brown color like you see in the photos for the November 2017 check in. Also, I didn’t record the focal length measurements from my lens so the cropping is a bit off between the two check ins but I’m sure you can tell the changes despite this. I usually take these photos when I’m half dead from exhaustion (could you tell?) since there is no other ideal time to do them so I promise no consistencies other than my blue shirt. You’re welcome.

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