Hair Rehab: Stress & Shedding

The major reason I had to take an impromptu break from the blog is that I’ve been under a ton of stress; from work to my home life there have been a lot of happenings and it began to catch up to me mentally. I just didn’t have a moment to stop, breathe, and regroup. When I saw that this space would suffer and I’d feel guilty for it I decided that it’s my choice how and when to post and I didn’t have to feel guilty about taking a break. While I was away from here I was grappling with a tripled workload at my day job, a sprained knee, and expensive repairs piling up for my home: the A/C went out, a toilet needs replacing, and general routine maintenance. Trying to juggle my social life and family life with all of that was getting to be too much. Now mentally I feel fine. I don’t feel anguished which is both a blessing and a curse. Though I don’t feel psychologically stressed my body was telling a different story. My sleep was disturbed by night sweats and stressful dreams about work. My menstrual cycle was thrown way off and I bled for the better part of a month. My breakouts came back so I’ve suspended the PIH routine until I can get it back under control. And with all of that now my hair is falling out. My last wash day was two weeks ago and I saw very little shedding; a few strands at the most.

But yesterday as I finger detangled with conditioner in my hair was coming out in clumps. I’ve been here before so I was more disappointed than shocked. Granted this time was a handful and the last time I went through this I was able to fill a small trash can with all the lost hair. I know my hair issues coupled with the other evidence of hormonal fluctuation is my sign that I need to slow down and take a very deep breath so I don’t lose my sanity. I can be bald or I can be crazy but I can’t allow myself to be both.

There is not much I can do about the workload I have now. It’s one thing to get a promotion but it’s another to get a promotion with no support system for the additional work you have on your lap. (Especially if you aren’t at least getting paid more for the increased responsibility. But I digress.) I can monitor my diet better and pull back from all of the many projects I have planned until I’ve rested and have a better handle on work. As far as my house problems go well that’s just a matter of time when I’ll eventually have the money to fix those things. My knee is better and I’m steadily getting back to exercising which is always good for me both physically and mentally. Despite everything that’s been happening I’m truly optimistic about my situation. Even with the shedding I still made progress with my hair  and I’ve got enough life experience to know that this too shall pass.

I have small vacation planned for this weekend to visit my sister in Florida; which may or may not get cancelled, the decision for which is not mine to make. If it doesn’t it will be a very welcome respite, if it does then I’ll deal with that when the time comes. Vacation or no this lady right here will be taking it easy so come next Hair Rehab Check In I’ll only have good news to share.

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