PIH Challenge Suspended

I really hate doing this but it’s for the best. After the last month I’ve had my breakouts returned and I stopped doing PIH treatments. It would be a waste of time and product trying to lighten dark spots that just keep coming from new inflammation. So I’m suspending my challenge until May after I see my endocrinologist. I’m afraid my thyroid is behaving badly again and I need to get this bit under control before I go any further. I expect to continue the treatments I was using and but I may add a few more and/or change some out. These two have really piqued my interest and I’m thinking of adding them to my routine to help with texture and discoloration issues.

1. The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin


There’s a lot of hype about this brand from Deciem the umbrella company that houses a number of skin care brands. The Ordinary is their answer to luxury beauty brands who charge premium prices for low concentrate active formulas. All of their products (except the sets) are under $20 with most coming in under $10 in many cases considerably under ten dollars.

They say science backs each formula and I’m inclined to be persuaded when I look into the ingredients and formulas they use and their reasoning behind the. I’ve never tried the Deciem brand or any of its sub-brands, nor have I tried a product with any sort of Arbutin in it. Well I’ve used products that used bearberry extract but none with the propriety form of Arbutin. Alpha Arbutin is supposed to be the most effective without the problematic potential side effects and bans of a typical hydroquinone and this serum is formulated with it as its second ingredient. For the extremely affordable for me price of $8.90 I don’t mind ponying up to give it a try. By the time I get to the end of the bottle I should notice some difference since Arbutin is known to be highly effective very quickly.


2. FarmHouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Puree Nutrient Rich Mud Mask

Years ago, a dozen or more, bath and body works had this most wonderful skincare line that included a pumpkin puree mask that I adored. Pumpkin helps brighten skin and gives it a smooth glowing finish. Plus it naturally smells so damn good. I got through one jar before they dropped the whole line and re-branded all their skincare. It made me so angry I refused to shop there again. It wasn’t hard since I’m highly sensitive to artificial fragrances and that’s kind of their thing. But they made a damn good mask and I hadn’t found a pumpkin mask I was willing to pay the money for in the years since. All of them were either too expensive, too fragranced, too little product in the jar and so on.

I think the $23.00 Farmhouse Fresh Beauty is asking for this product is a bit much for me considering I’m used to a $6.00 mask from Bonnebell but at about $1.20 per application (according to the number of applications per jar on their website) that’s no worse than my sheet masks that I love. So I’m willing to give it a go since it’s more than just an enzyme mask but also a mud mask. It’s almost like two for the price of one! Almost.

Despite the flare up, which I do think is coming under control, my skin is looking better than it has in a while. I think my mini-vacation to visit my sister last week really helped. A friend commented that I looked rested and refreshed. Now just to figure out a way to hold onto those vacation vibes for the long term.

Once I get going again tackling the PIH I’ll of course post the announcement on the blog and on Twitter! Read how the first two weeks were going here.

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