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No it’s not the Workdrobe. I’m still sourcing fabrics for that. And it’s not the first project I thought I’d made in the Fabric Stash Challenge. But I have almost everything I needed for this and what I didn’t do in 2017 I’m doing now. That should count for something. It does count because this project has been languishing on my to-do list for…three-ish years. Goodness. I fell in love with this admittedly cheap but stunning chiffon back when Hancock Fabrics was still a thing not this Michael’s buy out that is but a shadow of its former self. It was on the clearance table and I bought all that was left of it, something between 7 and 8 yards. It has bold vertical stripes and is slightly sheer. I knew I wanted to do a maxi dress with it but kept not making the time for it. I came across the V9053 from Vogue when I went sewing pattern crazy a few months ago and suddenly half my work was done for me. I’ll be making enough changes to this pattern that it will be more like a cousin to the original although still a very easy sew up.

So far I’ve cut the pattern pieces and prepared the fabric for sewing. I already know I will have to lengthen the torso and the hem

as is standard practice considering my height and build. I took one look at the bodice pieces and knew I wasn’t going to be happy with the boxy shape. So I’m going to deepen the v-neck and change out the gathers at the waistline for darts. The gathers are in a an odd spot since they’re right above the natural waistline. That would look fine on some who are fuller busted but on me it’d make my breasts look droopy and my waist bloated. The shoulder of the bodice on both front and back will be hacked off at an angle and in its place I’ll add multiple spaghetti straps, possibly in a lattice pattern but the jury is still out on that. I’m making this modification to add some interest and to diminish overemphasizing my square shoulders. I like my square shoulders so I don’t want to hide them, but I also don’t like looking like I play defense in the NFL. Lastly, I’ll add pockets in the side seams and I’ll swap out the standard zipper for an invisible one.

The final piece to this puzzle is deciding on a lining fabric. I’m not sure if I want to go with a tricot knit or something with a little more body to it. I know I want it to be black and breathable and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

I’m making good on some of my sewing goals for the year: cutting down my fabric stash, working with chiffon, and I would argue this dress could be churched up a bit for at least a cocktail party so it qualifies as a formal. I’m winning here.

I’ll update this post with the subsequent installments as I work on this project. Follow me on twitter as I post when I update the blog there…at least I am starting today!

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