Soul Candy 012 | Keep Going

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

I think I am the grand emperor of starting over. I think I start over better than anyone and I really hate that I’m so well acquainted with the process. Still, it’s a good skill to have and despite my insecurity over it, has served me well. I’ve started over schools, careers, relationships, cookie recipes, this blog five times… I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process; like that I used to have crippling perfectionism, the root of many of my issues. Starting over, rebooting, whatever, works but it’s not always the best approach for trying to accomplish difficult goals. However, it does tend to work when everything else hasn’t. For me it’s one way I keep going.

And I will keep this blog going whether I have one reader or one million. I genuinely enjoy writing and sharing here and I think I’ve finally found my voice. Not  just here but in nearly every other aspect of my life. At least I have for now. Life has a good track record of throwing things thoroughly and completely off kilter just when I think I’ve got stuff figured out. But, I keep going. I keep trying. I keep pushing, working to beat my own best previous effort and it’s getting easier. The life that I’m looking for is within all of this trying, doing, failing, and succeeding. It’s a good life and even through the low times I have joy because I know I’m on the right path. So I just keep on easing down and I wish and hope that you will do the same if you find yourself questioning if it’s worth the effort. I promise that it so very much is.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Image | Khachik Simonian

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