Wig Review: Isis Red Carpet RCP605

I was trying to channel my inner “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” but was really feeling more like Fleetwood Coupe De Ville (god I love youtube, you can find anything). It took me a while to get used to this much hair. But when I did you couldn’t. tell. me. nothin. I like the volume that the Isis Red Carpet RCP605 has which kept growing as it got frizzy. Some will see the frizz as a bad thing so beware if you are frizz averse: this wig is not for you. I have a lot of patience and so managed to be careful to avoid a lot of would be frizz triggers: wind, cotton clothes, hair twirling; but that might make this wig too fussy to deal with for some.

The RCP605’s curls stretch down to waistlength which tells me if ever I hoped to approximate this look with my own hair I just wouldn’t. I can only imagine how many perm rods or straws this would take and though I have patience I don’t have that much patience. And that’s why I like this wig so much. It does the job that I don’t want to do and it helped me get used to having a mane that I always thought looked great on other people but just couldn’t see on me. Call me converted because I love it and am now searching for my next curly wig this time with an afro texture closer to my own natural hair.

The Stats

  • Color: ST-430
  • Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Texture: Smooth but with realistic shine, very soft
  • Style/Curl Pattern: Tight Coils
  • Construction: Standard cap construction with three small combs in the front – two are positioned on either side of the part with the third opposite the comb on the far side of the par, and one small comb in back at the nape; 4 total.
  • Price: $34.99, purchased at Sam’s Beauty online
  • Wear: I wore this almost daily for just over two months. The cap was very comfortable, much more so than the Freetress Sammi. Each day it steadily got frizzier and frizzier. When taking these photos with it fresh out the pack it had already begun getting a bit birds nest, but in a way that made it seems more natural looking to me. The nape tangled which I expected but it didn’t get ratty. I think it can be worn for a solid two months before it needs some help. I may try brushing out the curls to transform it into wild looking stretched fro which could be fun to play with. It wore hot so not my choice for warm weather.

Final Impression: I really like this wig and I think I’d get it again but to wear in the fall because it’s just so much hair. I’d like to try it in a 1B but I adore this color. All of my close friends and family said this color combo suits me and is their favorite to see me in. It’s wild to think I ever thought it outside my comfort zone.


Lip color: Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel in “Peach Shimmer”

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