Hair Rehab: I Love My Fro But She’s Shy

This past month was a reminder I didn’t need as to why I always wear my hair in braids, twists, buns, stretched, straight or otherwise not in a fro. I’ve been in a kind of hairstyle rut while I cope with this South Louisiana heat that’s too hot for wigs and I’d also say too hot for long braids. A  few weeks ago I was wearing my fading flat ironed hair in a variety of french twists and buns. After a couple weeks of that I was over it and decided to moisturize my hair and figure out where to go from there. I missed my fro. I was happy to see it after months of peeks of her in between protective styles. I figured why not just let her out for a weekend? So I did, got tons of compliments, she soaked up all the humidity around us and just glowed with all her might. Then by Sunday night she started acting like a gotdamn fool.

Maybe it was my fault I didn’t bother to twist her up before bed Saturday night, but when she got picked out the next she was stunning and I was unbothered. She couldn’t handle all that greatness and I almost couldn’t either that night when I started dealing with the webs of tangles and beadibees that had sprung up within her. “Oh no indeed,” was all I could say; on repeat. I put it in mini twists for the next few weeks until I could decide what to do and have time to do it.

very sad afro twists
I too, am offended

Since I hadn’t really bothered to part them in any way that made sense or have nary a plan at all for them I became incredibly annoyed with how I looked. I had gone too far away from my comfort in the I-don’t-give-a-fuck-hairstyle territory. Feeling bad about my appearance simply wouldn’t do so I took them down after only two weeks and ended up with a semi-functional twist out (seen at the top of the post) that I played in for exactly 37 minutes. Now I’m sitting here with what feels like will be an eternal bun.

I don’t know if it’s my hair texture and curl pattern that makes it just a dangerous proposition to have my fro out and think that retaining length is going to be a thing I do. I spent so many years kind of stagnating and slipping back when it came to my length retention goals and during that time I wore my fro out without a care. I truly love her. I love her so much. But we are not going to make mid-back length if we keep her out. So under twists, braids, buns, and wigs (but not in this 105º heat index weather) she goes. Forever? No. She’ll eventually be allowed outside the house, but not for no two days. Not again.

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