Mini Pattern Grab

It is not my fault that McCall’s came out with an actually bomb spring pattern collection this year. I’m taking pride in the fact that I waited as long as I did to get the three patterns that were most interesting to me. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they’ve been sold out for weeks and I couldn’t take advantage of the pattern sales. I know I said I was cutting myself off after my last dive down the pattern rabbit hole, but Memorial Day weekend changed things and I knew it was my duty – nay – my necessity to buy them when I saw all three were in stock in my size.

What’s beautiful about these latest additions to my collection is that I have a fabric in my stash in mind for each one. So what I’m telling you is I’m winning and I don’t have a problem. Here are my picks.

Yes, another wrap dress. Shut up. Leave me alone. I’m donating nearly all my existing wrap dresses because I think I can make better ones that have longer hem lengths. Plus I have a chiffon already in mind for it that will help me make good on my 2018 Sewing Goals Numbers 3 and 4. I’ve got this all under control.


I needed this because I need more simple warm weather frocks. I want to make every version of this except for view D. I already have a fabric in mind for view C and I think view A will get done in an Ankara print that I don’t own. I know. I know.

What we’re not going to do is act like this isn’t the cutest playsuit we’ve seen in years. This badboy has been sold out for weeks at the McCall’s site. Other places had it but I was feeling apprehensive buying from a store I wasn’t sure about for something I wanted so badly so I waited. I’ve got a red stripe cotton in mind for the top in view B. Hear me out! And I want to do the pants in a black linen blend that I don’t own (I know!). I’d make it up in a few different fabrics and think they choice they went with here is beyond adorable, but I don’t do yellow like that so I’m thinking print that’s predominantly green with a tropical print. I’m just making stuff up. This is always  problem when I go to find these imaginary fabrics.


I swear it was going to end with the McCall’s pattern sale but then I found these two from New Look when I was stalking the pattern sale at Joann’s last week.  I’ve slept on the New Look brand from Simplicity forever and had no idea they had styles I could work with. In my defense, one of these patterns, the jacket, I’m making for a friend (I know, we’re just not going to go there right now) and the other is because I had a vision for a similar pant in black with a chiffon overlay and ribbon ties and this pattern should be perfect for it. And the blazer? I have a blazer addiction and I needed to get my fix. I think will work well for the second phase of the Workdrobe.

So you’re probably thinking, “Ma’am when are you planning to make all this? Don’t you have the Workdrobe to do and all the other sewing projects in progress you told us about?” It’s not too much because remember I’m challenging myself to sew more? Not to mention I’ve picked no complicated projects. That playsuit can be done in a couple hours. I could probably sew up all three of these patterns over a weekend, but I’m not going to do that because it really isn’t that serious. What I’m saying is that it’s not as much as it seems and I am making progress on those other projects (workdrobe, blue striped maxi, and the floral linen suit) which you’ll see updates for in the Design Studio as soon as I get that page properly coded — sometime in the next 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks. My challenge with those has been fabric sourcing and for the suit making the time to draft a pattern. Gah! Maybe at this point I should just buy one. 😉

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