Instagram Ads Might Actually Have Worked On Me: Hanacure Face Masks and JW Pei Bags

After months of being creeped out by Instagram’s targeted ads I finally found a way to turn the function off and over the last few weeks have been pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the non-targeted ads gracing my feed. I’ve done more ad clicking and intentional viewing than I’ve ever done. I’m not an ad clicker because deep inside I irrationally believe they’re all scams trying to find ways to part me from my money. I know they aren’t all scams of course; just squirrels trying to sore a nut or some such.

I think they got me. Enter Hanacure Face Masks and JW Pei Luxury vegan handbags. I really am impressed with what I’ve seen so far and have decided these companies will probably get my money at some point in the nearish future. Right now that’s an incredibly hard feat to pull off for any company that doesn’t sell food because I’m guarding these pennies like the last piece of sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving.



Do you remember me lamenting the loss of my go to wallet purse? JW Pei has an answer and it’s more affordable than Henri Bendel version I was eyeing. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles which fits perfectly in line with the approach I’ve been taking lately to be a better steward of Earth. More on that later. The price is right: somewhere between $39 and $65 depending on promotions. I’d be dropping those dollars down right now if it came in a white or bone color. As of this writing it’s only available in black, tan, and pink. They make other bag styles in white and also a pretty blush color so there’s hope that the Flap Wallet will one day follow suit. It seems to hit all the other notes to be candidate for my next wear until death do us part daily bag. I’m more excited than I probably should be.


2. Hanacure


We know I love my kbeauty sheet masks and I’m so glad that other aspects of South Korean skincare are being embraced in the West. They seriously know what they’re doing and we all need to be listening. But when I saw the ad for Hanacure’s tightening face mask I thought “this is a gimmick yes? Egg whites do this yes?” Then I found out the product has no egg whites and uses a lot more science than I ever learned in school. The product is supposed to give non-invasive results that rival those of injectables, lasers, and chemical peels promising cumulative results over time that last with regular maintenance. Color me deeply intrigued. I saw the videos and read the literature provided by the company as well as the customer reviews. Photos can lie but these results that their customers are reporting seem legit. No miracle cures just gradual improvement that makes for stunning results. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that they will probably get the $110 they’re asking for the full set of masks. If it helps the fine lines on my forehead then I’ll consider it money well spent. I want to age gracefully but…not yet.

So heads up Instagram, JW Pei, and Hanacure. I’m sprung. Now, when you’ll get my money I don’t yet know, but congratulations on getting this far.

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