Blog Updates | Fall 2018

Regular posting will return soon but here are some things you should know:


  1. I’m broke! I don’t have very much discretionary money or time so many of the things I’d like to do and blog about I simply can’t do the way I’d like when I’d like. Things are starting to look up though.
  2. I’ve gone through a period of bad shit happening one thing right after the other so I’m a little battle weary. The loss of my main computer and camera two weeks ago was the latest bad thing. You’ll see updates but they won’t be the quality I’d like them to be but at least they’ll be there. Regular posting will be limited to about once a week. I need to protect my energy and keeping a low posting frequency will help with that. Doctor’s orders.
  3. Despite what’s been going on I’ll still be expanding the scope of the blog to include home and crafts topics. As a part of my goal to improve my mental health I’ve been taking control of my space and soon you’ll see posts about my home, The Hidden Orchid. Yes, it has a name. Of course it does. The craft posts will tie into home and personal style.
  4. I’m tired but I’m still here. I promised myself this latest iteration of the blog, which launched last year, would be the last time I’d give blogging a go (this is my fourth or fifth blog). I’m not ready to give up despite the hardships I’ve been dealing with. This is my little space on the web and I’m very grateful to have it. We’ll get through it together.

I’m doing what I can to make my life what I’d like it to be. I’m working hard against a lot of constantly changing variables. Keep an optimistic outlook has always been my saving grace and slowly but surely despite all of the financial setbacks I’ve had this year I’m inching towards my goal.  Things are beginning to look up and hopefully by next Spring the tune I’ll be singing will be a little sweeter.

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