Hair Rehab: Check-In September 2018

If I said I was stunned by how well my hair is doing it wouldn’t be enough. I’m so excited about what I’ve got going on atop my cranium. I had length check photos for you from June and September showing my hair pressed, but they are all being held hostage by my defunct hard drive which is sitting comfortably in storage in my attic. And since I’ve already flat ironed my hair once this past month -and my follicles are slowly reverting back to coil status – I’m not doing it again until December. Suffice it to say my hair comes down fully to the six mark and grazes the seven mark on my length check t-shirt. Bam! Goal Attained. Well, one of them anyway. I’d almost call my hair long. Almost.

It’s what I used to think of as long hair. It’s now the length of the longest wigs, sew-ins, and clip ins I’ve ever worn. A decade ago I wasn’t entirely convinced this was possible. Now it just seems par for the course and that feels great. I feel regular about my hair. No mysteries to solve or hocus pocus to conjure. This is what I’ve always wanted. All year I’ve been calling out predictions for what I think my hair will do based upon my behavior, the climate, my schedule, and its condition and each and every single one have come true. I’ve done my best not to inject wishful thinking and stay practical about what I can achieve. I think I’ve finally got it.

So what’s next? Even though the calendar says it’s Autumn and folks will be chomping at the bit to show off the new season’s fashions it will still be too damn hot in South Louisiana for wigs. Still, that’s probably where I’m headed; revisiting an old friend the “Mommy wig” by Janet Collection. (Can someone please explain why they went with that name?) I have an old one but it is ratted out after years of wear.  I’ll be getting a new one maybe in my new favorite color 4/27/30. We’ll see. I liked the 2:

“Mommy Wig” Janet Collection – February 2014

My goal for the end of the year is to get fully to the eight mark, trims included. I think it’s entirely possible what with the cornrows under wigs and my general approach to leaving my hair the fuck alone. Next Hair Rehab check in will be in December, but in the meantime I’ll be sharing the products and wig(s) I’ll be using to get me to through these next three months.

This approach to hair care has served me well so far and if I can ring in the new year having been consistent with this one particular thing for the last ten years then I’ll truly feel like I did something. It’s just hair but y’all… I’m doing it. I’m actually doing it. It’s an accomplishment that I’m truly proud of and serves as a tiny metaphor to use as inspiration for other goals I’d like to achieve in other areas of my life. It’s a reassuring and galvanizing thing knowing that if I keep pushing and trying and, most importantly, doing that good things will (probably) come. I’ll probably do an essay on this in the future about how I’m not my hair but how my hair, to a degree, makes me who I am. Until then do any of you have something like this? Be it hair or anything else, that you look to as proof that you can-can?


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