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Everything I was working on since this Spring I put on hold. Except for three totally random garment projects and few pillow forms and covers I haven’t done much sewing. Partly due to my lack of time but mostly due to a lack of funds. I will share those projects that I did complete with you in later posts, but they really aren’t a priority for me right now. The seasons have cycled through as they tend to do and my desire to sew warm weather clothing has diminished (no matter how much I’d like to see the project come to fruition) so here’s what I’m going to do:

1. Finish a Secret Project.

I‘ve been working on it off and on since May. I can’t tell you about it until it’s finished for reasons I can’t tell you about until it’s finished. Should be done by the end of the month if materials arrive on time. I know. You can hate me.


2. Make Pyjamas.

This is Butterick B6296. This is an easy project to satisfy my need to create and get something practical done. I ordered some fabric for it from Mood that was on sale and fits my permanent fantasy of living in a tropical hideaway. And I found these adorable glass buttons at MJ Trim that cost almost as much as the fabric. If this project goes well then I will whip this up in a few other colors that will coordinate with this fabric so I can have a cohesive set. How many pyjamas do I need? As many as I can make and have storage for. I also plan to do coordinating robes and sleep scarves so that I can finally lounge like the gotdam lady of leisure I must have been in a former life. The tattered tees from high school and elementary school (yes, I know) aren’t cutting it. As soon as the fabric comes in I’ll be posting more about it.


3. Compromise on my Workdrobe.

Y’all I said I wanted this thing done before Summer. I’ve been looking for the perfect fabrics buying swatches and being disappointed in just about everything. But you know what? I’ve decided I don’t need as extensive a workdrobe as I initially thought. And I’ve changed the garments I want to make for it. This will be its own post obviously, but I need to compromise on the fabrics that I use. Fabric Direct has some crepe and poplin in a color selection I can live with that should work just fine. I don’t think anything is wrong with the black dress I’ve been wearing nearly daily as my self imposed uniform however, I can do better. If I’m lucky and diligent the workdrobe I create now will become great easy throw on pieces while I work from home on my own business full. I’m speaking it out to the universe who really needs to take this seriously.


4. Birthday Gown

I deserve one and will have one next year and that will be my next “big” project after I finish my secret project up in point one. The disappointment of not even getting past the sketch phase from this year’s gown was too much. If I want it to happen I need to start planning now. So I am. I’ll have a post up soon about that too. The challenge is to keep whatever I do under $100 including any accessories.


One thing we all need to accept about my process this year is that doesn’t always follow my wishes, especially my financial ones. Still we’re gonna do what we do and be happy with the progress no matter how small it may be.


Lead Image | Lisa Wokes

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