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I haven’t had a proper set of pyjamas since I was a young child. At some point during high school or college my sister bought me a sleep set with Happy Bunny on it. It wasn’t my style despite my adoration for that sardonic little leporine cartoon, but the gift was thoughtful and I wore them. Sure there were sleep pants here and there, but no proper pyjamas. This all changes very soon with a sew up of Butterick’s B6296 by Lisette. These are your standard baggy fit classic pyjamas complete with piping and patch pockets on the shirt and faced pockets on the pants. I predict that this will be a zero surprise sew up and so plan on making several sets that will mostly coordinate with one another. This is how I spoil myself.

I do NOT have all the materials I need for this project. I still have to find the perfect silk dark green fabric and cotton cording to make the contrast piping and sleep turban (oh yes, we’re going there) and I need the $4.00 a piece hand drilled glass buttons. The line art depicts four but the supply list says five. I’ll order more than I need anyway because I lose things. I’ll have to order things piece meal because I am on a serious budget and I do not want to compromise on my piping, turban, or buttons.

Image | Butterick

I have no experience or knowledge beyond “I like what I see on this envelope” specifically for the Lisettte line of patterns from Butterick. I’ve found a few reviews online and aside from people missing directions when it came to applying the piping they seem like they are well drafted and instructions clearly written. The pants have a back yoke which I can’t figure why but okay; most importantly they have pockets. It’s really a shame to wear any fewer than three pockets at any given time even while sleeping. I think we can all agree on that.

My goal is to have these made by December. No promises. As it took over a year to find a suitable cotton I could afford and liked enough to wear head to toe. Speaking of, check this bad boy out:

Image | Mood Fabrics

I was tickled when I saw the fabric manufacturer on the selvage read “Bedhead Pajamas”. Y’all. I knew nothing about this company other than they have damn nice fabric and that was solely based on what arrived on my doorstep this past Saturday. When I put their name in the google machine and saw what they charge for their pajamas… -some bullshit- but they’re filling an obvious need for $100+ cotton PJs…says the woman spending $4.00 a button. Hypocrisy: noted. Still, even with my penchant for fine closures the pyjamas I make myself will cost far less than $100. Half that. (The silk piping because I must and you will not talk me out of it) And I know my quality of sewing will match or exceed theirs so in my case it makes sense to make my own.

What I find odd about this fabric, that I purchased on sale from Mood and as of this writing still has over 100 yds at $4.99/yd, is that they recommended the strangest use for it. Cigarette pants. For why? I saw it and immediately thought pyjamas and felt very validated when I saw it was a pyjama company that designed it. I just had to block that recommendation out because it hurt my feelings. And not a single mention for loungewear or PJs. What a missed opportunity! When I bought mine there was double that amount in inventory so it does seem to be going quickly, but hopefully not for cigarette pants. If interested, run don’t walk. (Not a sponsored post because I don’t have it like that and I doubt Mood would appreciate me bagging their fabric presenter.)

Updates will come as soon as I’ve found the other fabrics and have the pieces cut out. Anyone sew these and love them? Anyone dying for palm frond and butterfly print cigarette pants? Let me know below!


Lead Image | Mood Fabrics

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