Hair Rehab: Fall 2018 Under Wig

I couldn’t take it no mo and the budget this month won’t allow me to get a new Mommy wig so I dug into the dark abyss of my closet and pulled out what I loving refer to as my Vulcan church lady kpop boy band wig. It’s all those things at one time and because of it it’s glorious. It’s not quite the look I’m going for right now but it’s free and better than what I have been doing lately which…just take my word for it was not cute. Even  though I’ve had this wig for several years I rarely wear it, but I’ll be sure to look up the company and style name and do a proper review for you.

After two and half hours of cornrowing stretched but not blow dried and I thought this shit was detangled hair, I was ready for a wig cap and to schedule regular upper body workouts because dear goodness my arms were tired.

1.) I will never cornrow my hair without blow drying it straight ever again and

2.) I didn’t realize how much harder it would be now that my hair is longer. (Pssssssst…I think I’m fully at the seven line now y’all.)

What I must learn to understand on this journey is that what worked before may not work in six or nine months time. My follicles are flourishing y’all and I’m grateful, but I think I need to change my braid pattern or something. That means developing my cornrowing skills further and I just don’t want to make the time right now. I mean I will. I just don’t want to. Perhaps graduating to a spiral pattern will do the trick. Here’s how it looks under wig for the next three-ish weeks:

It’s not bad. It’s actually pretty decent. I bothered to use Product™ this time. Gel at the roots and a lighter weight hold creme throughout. If I bothered to straighten my hair a bit more as it had been in celies for a number of days I may have had a pretty slick finish. I’ll keep this in mind for if I ever get the urge to wear cornrows as a style and not as foundation for one. As for the braid pattern I use; it is my attempt to protect my edges and keep my naturally uneven hairline from becoming more so. I was worried braiding straight back was causing a weakening of the hair follicles at the front and surmised that if I braid just that section on its own I’d see less breakage. I think that it has paid off, however, braiding it at all comes with its own set of potential problems if I braid too tight or my stitches aren’t even. Should this happen I start over. There’s really no reason not to. I do what I can and keep an eye on my edges but right now I don’t spend a lot of energy worried about them.

This braid up should last me to the first weekend in November and by then I’ll be due for a deep conditioning and strengthening treatment. I don’t know if I’ll switch it up and go for the Mommy wig or if I’ll just keep on with what I’ve got. What I do know is this break from semi-daily styling is much needed and I’m glad that the weather is starting to cooperate. It’s actually trying to be mid-70 ish degrees during the day lately. By November I think we might actually get some typical fall weather. Come December I’ll be ready for another Check In and hope I get to claim that eight mark. Let me not get ahead of myself here. How are y’all doing your hair this fall? Anyone else wigging it up?


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