Workdrobe | Part 2

What do you do when your expectations and reality refuse to meet? Well. I don’t know but I keep trying to make it come true. Enter my Workdrobe. I had high hopes and then my time and finances were taken over by variables far, far outside of my control.  Eight months later I still need clothes suitable for work.

Also, I think I don’t need as much as I thought I did. I feel that four pairs of pants , three dresses, and some blouses and sweaters (that I already own) will be more than enough. I’ve been surviving wearing a simple black ponte knit dress and some white sandals. The sandals aren’t my first pick but they’re what I had. They are also ratty and won’t do anything for me in a few weeks as the weather is actually trying to be cooler outside. So not only do I need to get some clothes made post haste I need new shoes. I’ve already begun the process by selecting new quick to sew patterns and have been browsing for shoes. Today we focus on the pants.

I’ve selected Burda B6436, View A as my first project for this and have already cut out the pieces. I plan to sew them in black first and if I like it I’ll do them up in red. The suiting fabric I have seen at my local national craft supply retailer is abysmal so I’m ordering swatches from because they appear to have fabric that will work at a price I can afford.  I’ve never ordered anything from them so it will be an experience. (Speaking of I’m planning a series of reviews for the various online fabric stores I’ve used). The plan is to get at least two new pairs of pants and two dresses done in the next six weeks. The timeline is this stretched out because I have to wait until payday which is in one week before I can order swatches. Then those swatches have to come in and then if those swatches are good I’ll have to wait for the fabric to come in. That will take a minute. (The pyjamas I’m planning mentioned in a previous post are on indefinite hold but will eventually happen so don’t you worry if you’ve been looking for those)

As for the overall Workdrobe color scheme I’m keeping it mostly in neutral territory due to my perpetual brokeness.  I already have plenty of tops and accessories that can give me the color I need for new. (Yes the red pants are a color exception but they are needful.) You can get a sense of the vibe I’m going for with the total Workdrobe on my Pinterest board for it here.

Next in the Workdrobe saga is footwear! I’ve been scouring the interwebs and I think I’ve found some contenders. I’ll have that update for you next-ish week. If you’re curious about my initial Workdrobe plans you can read about it here.

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