• Little Notes

    3 Podcasts That Are Good Listening For Creatives

    My hunt for resources to help me toward my goal to live life creatively is a daily exercise. Lately, I’ve been seeking out podcasts that can help motivate me and give me insights to careers and perspectives from people who are already in it to win it. Specifically, I’ve been looking for voices from people who are like me Black women, creatives working full time in their art form, and creatives who may not be doing it full time. I also wanted to find resources that focused a bit on the business side of things because that always feels very…

  • Shake N Go Synthetic Weave Body Wave

    My First DIY Sew-In Weave

    I got myself a curved needle, hair weaving thread and net, a pack of hair, and a free evening. I cornrowed my hair and painstakingly sewed on the net. Old episodes of Girlfriends kept me company as…

  • truly claire living room interior - white sofa
    Home Decor

    Interior Design As Therapy

    Recently, (as in eleven months ago when I wrote the first draft of this post, hello 2020) I was taken by surprise by how much my new to me sofa (shown in the lede image) made me…

  • Little Notes

    Creative Goals for 2021

    Seeing how 2020 panned out…I kind of feel a tad foolish even thinking about what I want this year to look like, but I dare to dream and to plan! Essentially, I plan to pick up where…

  • Hair

    Unleashed At the Beauty Supply Store

    Though my plans for my wardrobe have remained stagnant, my beauty routine however, has entered a new renaissance. In part due to the medical crises I had earlier this year and my mission of generally having more…

  • Little Notes

    Happy To Be Here

    Now that things are somewhat stabilized for me I want to take baby steps with getting my blog and everything else in my life back on track. I plan to start regularly posting again in October.

  • Design,  DIY,  Wardrobe Tour

    2020 Birthday Gown

    This year I turned 34 years old. Like most important events in my life I wanted to commemorate the occasion with something special. Other people make scrapbooks and write diaries, but I make clothes. My birthday is…

  • Art

    From My Sketchbook: 001

    Part of holding myself accountable to the goal of drawing more is sharing my efforts with you. I admit, I’m a bit uncomfortable sharing what I know isn’t great work, but it helps me keep track of…