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    Athleisure: Are We Still Doing This?

    One of my good friends asked me the other day if dressing like you’re about to go to the gym but really you’re going to brunch is still a thing and I really didn’t have an answer. Dress has become so casual in the USA™ that wearing a simple pair of chinos and a jacket is considered very dressy in a lot of places; certainly so here in the deep south of Louisiana. I told her no one would probably look at her twice if she headed  out in leggings and a hoodie for bottomless mimosas, but that I didn’t much care for the look as a part of everyday…

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    Instagram Ads Might Actually Have Worked On Me: Hanacure Face Masks and JW Pei Bags

    After months of being creeped out by Instagram’s targeted ads I finally found a way to turn the function off and over the last few weeks have been pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the non-targeted ads gracing my feed. I’ve done more ad clicking and intentional viewing than I’ve ever done. I’m not an ad clicker because deep inside I irrationally believe they’re all scams trying to find ways to part me from my money. I know they aren’t all scams of course; just squirrels trying to sore a nut or some such. I think they got me. Enter Hanacure Face Masks and JW Pei Luxury vegan handbags. I really am…

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    Mini Pattern Grab

    It is not my fault that McCall’s came out with an actually bomb spring pattern collection this year. I’m taking pride in the fact that I waited as long as I did to get the three patterns that were most interesting to me. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they’ve been sold out for weeks and I couldn’t take advantage of the pattern sales. I know I said I was cutting myself off after my last dive down the pattern rabbit hole, but Memorial Day weekend changed things and I knew it was my duty – nay – my necessity to buy them when I saw all…

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    My Style: Small Handbags Are Everything

    . Even though the concept of wearing small purses is not new it was a change from how I normally operated. I used to carry everything I thought I might need in an oversized handbag that could double as a small piece luggage. I happened upon a little private label beauty three years ago. It’s amusing how something as simple as a handbag illustrates so well the fundamental change in perspective I have in general about things in life: less is more and make do with the essentials.