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    Blog Updates | Fall 2018

    Regular posting will return soon but here are some things you should know:   I’m broke! I don’t have very much discretionary money or time so many of the things I’d like to do and blog about I simply can’t do the way I’d like when I’d like. Things are starting to look up though. I’ve gone through a period of bad shit happening one thing right after the other so I’m a little battle weary. The loss of my main computer and camera two weeks ago was the latest bad thing. You’ll see updates but they won’t be the quality I’d like them to be but at least they’ll…

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    Hair Rehab: Check In February 2018

    Even though I had to do more of a trim than I hoped for, comparing November to now, I’m a full four and a little past! That itself is progress! Which is why I’m not let down by this check-in. The little gains are just as important as the big ones because both move me toward my goal.