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Linen Shorts Suit

I had been stalking this linen floral print for the entire season it was out on the floor at the now defunct Hancock Fabrics. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the minimum five yards I needed for the suit I was envisioning but I decided that if all I could have was a blazer then that would be good enough. Lucky for me as I was browsing one day I spotted the bolt on the clearance section and happily bought two more yards. I won’t be able to wear what I make out of this until well into next spring. But does that really matter when the fabric has been languishing in my stash this whole time? Part of the Fabric Stash Challenge.

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Jacquard outfit

Back in maybe 2010 I had an obsession with brocade and jacquard fabrics. I bought five yards of this floral brocade because I found it so delightfully feminine and frou-frou. I wish it had a more supple hand but I decided I could work with it. Right now I’m still brainstorming what I want to do with it, though originally I wanted to make a jacket. I have a thing for jackets… but now I’m leaning more towards a skirt or as piecing in bodice with another contrast fabric. Part of the Fabric Stash Challenge.

More coming soon


Graphic Striped Maxi Dress

This is one of the last fabrics I bought before I cut myself off. It was always destined to be a dress but I could never decide how I wanted to play with the stripes. I have over five yards which is more than enough for the pattern I chose V9053 which will probably undergo some serious modification in order to realize my vision. Granted that vision can change in no time. Part of the Fabric Stash Challenge.

SEe the process here


Plaid cape Blazer

I bought this fabric years ago when I wanted to make a three piece dandy suit for myself. I’ve decided I want a cape blazer now and I may have enough left over for a skirt. I imagine using a faux leather piping with it. Part of the Fabric Stash Challenge.

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Basic Bikini Brief Panties

Normally I would tell anyone to just go buy their underwear. Even if they’re extremely pricey it’s still usually worth it over making them yourself. However, I’m making these in spite of myself and as a matter of principle. My favorite style from the retailer I normally buy them from has increased the price by 8%.  Of course my broke ass thinks it’s outrageous. So I’m making my own.

more coming soon


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