Hair Rehab

hair rehab

Starting July 1st 2017 I decided to use protective hairstyles exclusively. My hair is generally in good condition but I’m busy and I want to have my mornings free and give my hands and hair a break for a few months. Also, I want to try out some new styles now that my cornrowing skills are no longer completely pathetic. The goal is to keep protective styles in anywhere from three to six weeks depending and to eventually grow my hair to the middle of my back. I’ve had lots of stops and starts along the way since I started taking conscientious care of my hair about seven years ago. I’ve gotten very close to mid back length before but setbacks like hair loss from a thyroid disorder, stress, and infrequent trimming have gotten in the way of me reaching that goal. I may never get there but my hair is better now than it ever has been and certainly better than when I first started all those years ago.

starting point | 2009

November 2017


things you need to know 


My Current Style

  1. My hair is virgin hair. It has never had a chemical process on it. After a fresh wash and air dry it is a delightful mess of tight curls and kinks, fine to medium strands, but somewhat dense. Occasionally I straighten it, sometimes with heat and sometimes without.

  2. I don’t lay down my edges. I don’t mind them looking how they look un-manipulated. Plus, I find the process to be frustrating and unkind to my scalp and hair. And I hate having all the product build up.

  3. I don’t refer to wigs and hair pieces with gendered pronouns. 



The Goods