• henne organics tinted lip balm product stack

    Review: Henné Organics – Lip Balm

    Henné Organics is woman owned and operated luxury skin and lip care company. Brand founder Laura Xiao places genuine care in the formulas producing their lines in small batches. This is my review of what I've tried so far.

  • color rendering practice
    Art,  Design,  Sketchbook

    Sketchbook: Color Practice

    My sketchbooks are devoid of color usually because I run out of steam or I don’t want to “ruin” a sketch I like, but I found in this practice I was really enjoying the process. It didn’t have to be…

  • Design,  DIY,  Home Decor

    I Wanted Black Walls and Now I Have Them

    Using a starch medium, fabric is adhered to the walls and can be removed by saturating the fabric with water and peeling the fabric off. The fabric can then be laundered and reused. Typically, people use this technique to take…

  • Little Notes
    Little Notes

    The Hypocrisy of Man

    When I think that humanity can create healing medicines, antibiotics, and vaccines; create music and art; study the stars and explore the depths of the oceans; but also drop bombs on hospitals, rape and pillage land in the name of…

  • fashion illustration techniques books
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    My Favorite Fashion Illustration Techniques Resources

    Finding a solid resource for learning fashion illustration techniques specifically has been my quest for the Holy Grail since I was in middle school. There are thousands of books on drawing techniques and on working in specific mediums like watercolor,…

  • Little Notes
    Little Notes

    Little Notes: Doing The Thing

    My dreams are big and wild and wonderful, but I don’t want to just dream them. I want to live them and I want to help others live them too. If I can be an example of what’s possible for…

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    Developing A Sewing Pattern Line

    A collection of home sewing patterns was my first business idea that I really loved, but I was too resource limited to try 10 years ago. I opened an online boutique and while that was nice while it lasted. Though…