Little Notes
Little Notes

2024 Birthday Things

This post is part a way for me to make good on my goal to post at least once a week and part a need I have to share that this year has been one of the best birthday’s I’ve had in a long time. I will be posting soon about the details of my 2024 Birthday Gown, but for now I just want to express how incredibly grateful I am to have made another trip around the sun and that this last trip has been overall an extreme joy.

This year I took a few days off from work and gave myself rest, good food, and new experiences. When I say I’m a very lucky woman I mean it. Lately, each morning I’ve awakened happy to see what the day ahead brings and this was especially true this past long weekend. I’m thoroughly looking forward to what else 2024 has in store for me. I don’t know if the good days will keep rolling like they have, but while they do I will savor each and every minute as much as I can.

I’ll be back very soon to share more of my creative journey both for this birthday and beyond! Thank you for sitting a spell with me.


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