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Here you’ll find a perspective of life encouraging creativity and wonder in the everyday. Humbly beginning with diy clothing and caring for textured afro hair to knocking down goals for living a full life, there is still more to come. This space is for everyone who has an interest in or is amused by the ideas of living life creatively and getting more living out of it.
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The Writer

I was born in 1986 and grew up in South Louisiana. I live with two felines of charming repute in a little home of my own in Baton Rouge. I’m professionally trained in garment design, construction, and pattern-making, but also have interests in all sorts of creative arts including: culinary, woodworking, writing, illustration, and others. I love to travel and have a goal to visit two countries a year. I also have a goal to become an entrepreneur and live life on my own terms, sharing those experiences here with you.
height: 5’11 | body: 34 – 27 – 38 | shoe: 10US
hair: everything is here

The Images

All images not created specifically for use on this site will have their author credited. All images used are under CC0 license and used with permission and sources are linked under each image.
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