• Shake N Go Synthetic Weave Body Wave

    My First DIY Sew-In Weave

    I got myself a curved needle, hair weaving thread and net, a pack of hair, and a free evening. I cornrowed my hair and painstakingly sewed on the net. Old episodes of Girlfriends kept me company as I cussed and…

  • truly claire living room interior - white sofa
    Home Decor

    Interior Design As Therapy

    Recently, (as in eleven months ago when I wrote the first draft of this post, hello 2020) I was taken by surprise by how much my new to me sofa (shown in the lede image) made me happy. I think…

  • Little Notes

    Creative Goals for 2021

    Seeing how 2020 panned out…I kind of feel a tad foolish even thinking about what I want this year to look like, but I dare to dream and to plan! Essentially, I plan to pick up where I left off…

  • Hair

    Unleashed At the Beauty Supply Store

    Though my plans for my wardrobe have remained stagnant, my beauty routine however, has entered a new renaissance. In part due to the medical crises I had earlier this year and my mission of generally having more fun while I…

  • Little Notes

    Happy To Be Here

    Now that things are somewhat stabilized for me I want to take baby steps with getting my blog and everything else in my life back on track. I plan to start regularly posting again in October.

  • Little Notes

    Covid-19 Quarantine and Creative Goals

    I’ve been in quarantine since I saw my primary care physician on March 10. Due to my asthma I’m considered to be high risk should I contract coronavirus. So I’ve been staying home save for rare trips to the grocery…

  • Design,  DIY,  Wardrobe Tour

    2020 Birthday Gown

    This year I turned 34 years old. Like most important events in my life I wanted to commemorate the occasion with something special. Other people make scrapbooks and write diaries, but I make clothes. My birthday is usually a time…

  • Art

    From My Sketchbook: 001

    Part of holding myself accountable to the goal of drawing more is sharing my efforts with you. I admit, I’m a bit uncomfortable sharing what I know isn’t great work, but it helps me keep track of what I’ve done…