Little Notes

Creative Goals for 2020

I think this year I’ll be able to place my focus on my creative endeavors more intensely than I’ve been able to the past five years or so. With this hope in mind, I’ve got a few major things I want to accomplish for my home, personal style, and my art. Let’s get to it shall we?

My Humble Abode

I’ll have been in my townhome four years come May. It has only been in the last year and a half that I’ve dedicated much energy to making it feel like mine since I bought it. I want to amp up what I’ve started and give myself the gift of a thoughtfully designed and better functioning home. These past years have been financially straining to say the least and though I’m not swimming in ducats I have the funds now to think about these things as real goals and not simply dreams. I have much more I’d like to accomplish but the following are the biggies:

  • Makeover My Bedroom
  • Makeover My Studio
  • Refinish the counters and cabinets in the Kitchen
  • Refurbish the Grundig stereo
  • Plant a Vegetable Garden
My Personal Style

I want to revamp my wardrobe just a bit. First, by removing items that I love but no longer work with my lifestyle or aesthetic and then filling it with things that do. I’m a bit of a chameleon and don’t want to abandon that, but I’d like more of my pieces to work with one another than they currently do. I’m not going for a capsule wardrobe per se, but definitely something more cohesive. Aside from that these are the projects I’m most looking forward to this year:

  • Sew a selection of coordinated pyjamas and loungewear
  • Sew a Work Wardrobe
  • Sew more formal wear
  • Sew swimsuit
  • Sew warm weather dresses
  • Build a pair of shoes
My Art

It was only recently in life that I realized I am an artist at heart, even though most of my life I’ve avoided that label. I don’t know why. It’s strictly psychological. Defining what that meant for me and embracing it helped me calm down when it came to “art” things that I believe weak in. I want to build on the traditional art techniques I learned in school (an art school – do you see my ridiculousness?) such drawing, painting, and mixed media illustration. I’m starting with baby steps by attempting to:

  • Fill a sketchbook to strengthen skills
  • Practice color rendering in watercolor and mixed media
  • Create 5 art pieces (this overlaps with home because that’s where they’ll hang)
  • Take more photographs

I think my confidence to get these top goals accomplished isn’t misguided. I’ll pace myself and share my progress here. I have many more projects on the agenda but if none of those happen that’s okay because really these are enough. What a wonderful year I’ve got ahead of me!

 What projects are you working on and/or hope to get done this year? Do you think my list is too much? Too little? Let me know below in the comments or on Twitter!