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New Year 2020

Happy New Year!

Last year during a break from steady blogging my website was compromised. I’m still not entirely sure how it happened but the hacking caused not only my site but all of my backup files to be rendered useless. On top of that, the backups I kept on a separate hard drive were inaccessible because that drive had died a few months before. It was the perfect storm of technological failures that lead to my decision to extend my break, albeit involuntarily, until this year. 

I repaired the back end and set up new security protocols that should help prevent something like that from happening again. I took most of what happened in stride but there was still a part of me frustrated that I would have to start over again . This blog has seen so many iterations that I’ve wondered why I still do it. Even though the number of visitors may be small I still enjoy publishing here and that, for me, is reason enough to keep going. If it entertains even a few people that’s truly lovely, even if that “people” is just me.  

I’ll be sharing more of my interests here than I have before. I know the general advice is to pick a niche and stick to it, but I just don’t want to. Consider it a lifestyle blog if you will; with heavy components of DIY projects (garment and home sewing, woodworking, cooking, and the like) and personal reflection. You may have also noticed that my Instagram feed went blank a few weeks back. That was all in anticipation of this blog relaunch and new posts there will be a better reflection of the space here instead of random bits from my life. 

This month on the blog I’m focusing 100% on my 34th birthday celebrations and sharing the building of the gown and accessories I plan to wear for a semi-formal dinner on January 25th along with the outfit I hope to make to wear the day of my birthday on January 28th. I don’t have a lot of time to pull this off but I’m confident I can make it happen. Wish me luck! Soon Later this week I’ll post the concept drawings and fabric swatches for both outfits and their accessories as well as my creative goals for 2020.

Thank you for sticking with me. I really can’t thank you enough.



lede image | Erwan Hesry

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