Little Notes

Creative Goals for 2021

Seeing how 2020 panned out…I kind of feel a tad foolish even thinking about what I want this year to look like, but I dare to dream and to plan!

Essentially, I plan to pick up where I left off last year but let me say something first: whatever 2021 will be, will be and I will not trip about it. The most of things is what I plan to make and I suggest everyone do the same. My dreams and goals will always be big and in my eyes there’s nothing that can diminish them. So as this story continues to unfold I want to do as much as I can with what I can. Now without further ado:

A Sketchbook Is Not A Paperweight 
Inside sketchbook, paint pallette, and travel sketchbook

I mean technically it could be… but this is just perfection and anxiety talking. Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at my past illustrations (namely fashion) and wondering why I was so hard on myself. There’s some decent executions in my repertoire! Though I’ve never been as satisfied with my work as I’d like to be, I haven’t given the time to develop my skills to feel even close to that way. I want to change that and have made it a priority to draw more. I’m echoing what I said last year here at number one because this, more than everything else on last year’s list, is where I am most lacking. I’m desperate to improve. I shared one sketch from my sketchbook last year for a reason. (♫♫Cause I’m the only one♫♫)

Let’s Get Down to Business
black fuck a job socks, lounging on sofa

It’s time for me to work to build my own business again. I have Offcultured (only the emerging best place on the internet to see all the good shit that may have gotten caught in the undertow of mainstream pop culture media) with my sisters and I want something for myself. I’m in a place financially and professionally with Dayjob™ where I think the time is now. I spent the month of December reflecting on what I truly want and thinking about how to best use my skills and talents in this world as fully and completely as possible. Since we live in a capitalist society it’s “good” if I can make money off them and so I’ve started developing my next enterprise. I won’t say much about it on the blog for now, but when I’m ready you’ll know.

As far Offcultured, go visit! We have a lot of fun there and I’d hate for you to miss out on it.

Plant Some Shit

Along with so much I didn’t do last year the garden was certainly one of them. While everyone seemed to be planting COVID-19 Victory Gardens I was convalescing from a sudden illness (not COVID-19) and too weak to do much. I want my peppers damn it! I have my plans and resources (Ron Finley is that dude) saved from last year so hopefully, this Spring, I can look forward to planting and quite literally reaping what I sow. I’m starting small and think that if I’m half as good at keeping plants alive outdoors as I do indoors I’ll be well on my way to a bountiful harvest.

Do you have goals for this year of our nonsense 2021? I’d love to hear about it either in the comments or shout me out on Twitter. See you in the next one!