Little Notes
Little Notes

Little Notes: Doing The Thing

I don’t know if this post is technically cheating, but since I make the rules I can bend them. I’m doing the the thing. The first thing? Posted consistently on this blog for one month – which means I’m creating more consistently in life. The goal was to post at least once a week in October and if I could do more that’d be lagniappe. I met that goal and have set the same for November. Since achieving that goal for October I feel even more reassured about what I’m capable of. I feel like I’m finally hitting a grove after months of preparation.

I’ve already completed one project in my personal Stitching the Stash Challenge and I’ll be posting about it soon. As I’m writing this post I’ve another stash fabric waiting for me to cut out the pieces for the next project. And on top of this my next two weeks will be filled with lots of projects as I decorate my new apartment and preparing for the winter ahead. Pacing myself and being flexible around what I can and can’t do while refocusing and reframing what I most want to achieve at a given time has been the crucial factor. Avoiding arbitrary deadlines and working ahead as much as possible has afforded me the mental calm I need to take on more projects while not feeling burdened by them. If a project doesn’t fit in the time and mental capacity I have, then I acknowledge it for the exciting idea it is and file it away for a time when I can honor it with the attention and resources it deserves. I’m never lacking ideas so I’m doing this constantly. Now, I can marvel at my eager creative mind instead of being in a constant state of frustration as I know I will get to do these things eventually. I’m not dead yet.

My dreams are big and wild and wonderful, but I don’t want to just dream them. I want to live them and I want to help others live them too. If I can be an example of what’s possible for just one other person I’d be so thrilled. I’m being that example for myself and it feels so damn good. Consistency in doing the thing has always been the biggest challenge. But I think everyone knows by now it’s one of the biggest factors that contributes to a long term goal being successful. There have been lots of reasons why consistency has been difficult at different times. My life finally feels like I have the time, space, and resources – all hard fought – to be in this place right now. Establishing the new routines while I’m in this sweet spot I think will mean I’ll be not only consistent but also more resilient when the spot is no longer so sweet. I feel like I’m becoming that example I want to be and that it’s only a matter of time that I’m encouraging more people than just myself.



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